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1. What is LoCaps?

LoCaps is a list of the best low market cap cryptocurrencies poised for big gains. These coins have been researched to provide the best opportunites to put your portfolio on steriods. A successfull low cap crypto can make 100x, EVEN 1000x GAINS! Can you imagine if you put in only $100 and the coin did 1000x? Low cap cryptos have done this before and could do it AGAIN. And no, you have not missed the boat. There are plenty of new projects that are emerging as we speak. The crypto market is cyclical and we are on the brink of a raging BULL MARKET. These opportunities are among us right now, and they can be found on

2. What are low market cap coins?

Low market cap coins are altcoins that have a low market capitalization. Market capitalization refers to the total value of the circulating supply of the coin multipled by the coin value. What makes a market cap low is that it does not have a lot of investors in the project yet. These are the greatest opportunities as they in the beginning stages of development. These do involve risk, but if the coin succeeds, low market cap coins provide the absolute largest gains. Getting in early on a good low-cap coin is like buying Apple or Tesla stock before the stock exploded.

3. What is the purpose of LoCaps?

The purpose of LoCaps is to provide best new crypto projects for gains in 2024. LoCaps provides this information as a starting point for one's personal research.

4. What types of coins are listed on LoCaps?

Let's face it, there are thousands of altcoins and most are trash. This is why LoCaps was born. Our focus is to save you time and headache when looking for solid, real projects. It is important that we look out for eachother!

5. When are new coins added to LoCaps?

New coins/projects are constantly being researched and evaluated for new listings. LoCaps listings are ever-evolving along with the crypto space and new coins can be added at any time.

6. Where does LoCaps find these low market cap coins?

LoCaps uses a variation of sources from crypto sites, facebook groups, twitter, youtube, coindesk, coinmarketcap and coingocko. We dive deep into a sea of content and then provide the hidden gems to the community. If you have found a coin that you like us to look at, please submit it below where it says "Request a Coin". Thank you and enjoy!

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